It's so nice to meet you

A hopeless romantic. A daughter, A lover. A dog mum. 

I am a lover of small moments and big connections; which has led me to a passion in capturing the human connection; whether that be between two soulmates, two lovers or a mother and her child. I believe every moment should be captured; whether it be big (like your wedding day) or small (an average day of the both of you being in love or playing with your kids). Each season and moment in your life is important to me.

The beautiful Northern NSW, Australia is where I get the honour of calling ‘home’; but I find that home to me, is where the people I love are. I have the travel bug and don’t think it will ever be cured! 

Heres a little bit about me

Hey! I'm Sienna

More than just a photographer & videographer for the madly in love 

My why

- Your Story Deserves To Be Told

I am inspired by the small details. My style is very documentary based, as I love to capture moments as they happen; small and big. I let the moments of your day tell the story; which is how I get those candid moments you will fall in love with. 

The ability to create timeless pieces of work that will last generations to come is my greatest gift and I am so lucky that I have the privilege to share that gift with you.

Love isn't posed. Love is real. Love is messy. Love is beautiful. Love is the little things. Love is the big hearts. Love is that everyday brilliance.

Everyone's love is different and I want to capture yours.

My favourite thing about being a photographer and videographer is the fact that I get to meet so many amazing people. I want to know what makes you tick; who you love and if you are on team Ross & Rachel or team Rachel & Joey.


- Your Story Will Be Different

When I am not obsessing over my couples and mummas I have the pleasure of working with; you can find me spending time with my family and my partner; or watching the latest episode of the bachelor, or a Disney movie (I love a good romance movie). I feel so lucky to be surrounded by the most amazing and supportive humans in the world and I love and cherish them so much.

I love learning new things, watching documentaries and creating different businesses. I love being busy.

That’s a little sneak peek into my life and a few of my favourite things. No story is one and the same. And that’s why I LOVE documenting love stories (and hopefully yours too!)

I love the simple things and my people.

Behind the Lens

- Hopeless Romantic turned Wedding Photographer & Videographer

I live for the small moments. Pasta nights with friends, Sunday sleep ins, movie night with my family, napping by the beach, eating fresh fruit, being weird with my partner, having a disney  marathon, road trips to no where, laughing with friends to the point where we can't breathe, listening to my new favourite song on repeat, watching the latest episode of the bachelor and exploring new places. Just being me with the people I love.

I love love and I love my people.

And this is why I believe my purpose in this world is to capture those special moments of life; because I bring an intimate and emotional touch to whatever I deliver.

I've been capturing people's love stories since I was 15 and shooting since I was 12; and I've loved every minute of it.

I can't wait to capture yours.

Will I cry at your wedding? Absolutely.

my three loves

you've told me about your love; so i want to show you...

*We never get photos together so we always resort back to photo booths to make sure our kids have some kind of photo of us together when we are older

Meet Nick. My best friend, my lover and the man that is slowly converting me into a camping chick. 

I first saw Nick when I was 14 and he then became that hot guy my friends and I would fan girl about. You know how when you were younger you would have a celebrity crush; it could have been Channing Tatum, Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie... well mine was Nick and it turned out that he felt the same about me. 

It wasn't until I was 17 when Nick finally mustered up the courage to talk to me and the rest is history. 

Nick and I are very opposite; he is very active, where as I am very chill. He loves late nights, and i love being a grandma and staying in. But we just click. We teach each other about the things we love, and have our own hobbies; which is probably for the best as we are the two most competitive people you will ever meet (our ping pong rallies are intense)!

my soulmate

the chandler to my monica

01 / 03

The people who made me.

My family consists of 4 of us. My mum, my dad and my younger sister, Aria.

Aria is two years younger than me and dropped out to pursue screen and media. She is an amazing animator and overall artist. I admire her courage and creativity and the fact that she never changes herself for anyone. 

My Dad is where I get my indigenous genes from. He has always encouraged my connection with culture and educated me about the world. He loves us with all of his heart; and supports me throughout everything I do. I get my communication skils and love of photography from him, but also my moon head from him too...

And last of all, but not least... my beautiful italian mumma; the glue of our family. She has the warmest heart in the world and makes a house a home. She is the mum of all of my friends and is always welcoming to anyone and everyone who steps foot into our house. She is so extremely creative and talented; my love for drawing, interior design and fashion derives from her. She is so inspiring. She is everything I want to be and more.

My family


02 / 03

Willow & Luna - the yin to each others yang

I love dogs. Any kind; even the hairless ones! But my dogs are the most cutest, loving and funny in the world (not biased at all...).

Luna is my dog. She is a little white shitzu-maltese-poodle (yes, she is very yappy). However she has a heart of gold. She lives to love and loves to live (and also eat anything she can get her mouth on). Some times I think she should of been human; forever engaged and trying to understand what we are trying to say to her. 

Willow is my sister's little black Tibetan spaniel-poodle. I often imagine she is meant to live in Paris. She is chic, an observer and a lover of any man that walks into our door. She is one of the most tolerant dogs you will ever meet. 

my dogs

the cutest dogs with the biggest character

03 / 03

MY Philosophy

real moments, real love

I want to capture you for who you truely are; not this posed, unrealistic version of you. It’s the moments where you laugh till you can’t breathe, the ones where you tear up because you can’t believe how lucky you are that that is your person, the inside jokes between the two of you and the sweet glances of admiration. The candid moments are the ones that hit the sweet spot in my hopeless romantic heart.

I capture those heirlooms you cherish forever. I want to document every season of your life; big and small. The moments that mean the most to you, are the moments I live for. 

I document your day as it naturally happens; focusing on creating something that will represent you, your love and your personality. No two people are the same; and no two galleries or videos are the same. It would be my absolute pleasure to serve you and capture those moments for you. 

Thank you for trusting me to tell you unique and real story. This is your legacy.

Capturing the real laughs. The real tears. The real moments. The real love.

The real you.

My love for photography and videography began when I was 12. I was fresh in high school and would bring my little G7X everywhere I went. I would document everything! From our trip to the movies to our shopping at woolies! I loved creating something everyone could appreciate.

When I was 14 I got my first ever big girl camera. It was a canon 600d and it was my pride and joy. This is when I started documenting things and making an end of year video. I videoed my travels, big events in my friends life and got the odd job here and there. But it was my end of year videos that got the most attention out of all of them. They were magical; making people who didn’t even know me, feel the emotions I felt. I fell in love with this ability and ran with it. 

I was 15 when I shot my first wedding. It was a side job for me, while still studying full time in high school. I never thought anything of it. It wasn’t until I was 18 and sent one of my completed wedding videos and saw how my work impacted my amazing couple and how emotional it made them. And then it hit me. This was what I was meant to do. I was meant to document moments like I always had; but the most meaningful ones; the ones that you pass down from generation to generation; the ones you revisit in 10 years and bawl your eyes out experiencing again and again. I dropped out of uni; left the safe option and pursued my dreams full time and never looked back. 

a side hustle into my greatest passion

How I began /


words from my couples & Mummas

April 20, 2021

Jordan + Josh


Sienna! I can't thank you enough. They are beautiful. Sienna is incredible. So friendly and made us both so comfortable. She made all of my creative visions come to life.

leading up to our shoot with sienna i was really nervous because i hadn’t done anything like it before and expected something like a ‘couples shoot’ to be awkward. i was so wrong. the session felt so comfortable and nothing about it felt staged. sienna gave us creative direction, which is something that is so valuable in a photographer, but she also just let us to be natural with each other. although the photos we got back are still images, the way sienna is able to capture movement, candid emotion & energy within the shot is beautiful. the moment becomes frozen. i can’t help but smile every time i look at the pictures sienna created. it is a memory i’m so thankful i was able to create as well as have captured.

Leading up to our shoot with sienna i was really nervous as I expected it to be awkward, but i was so wrong. the session felt so comfortable and nothing about it felt staged. sienna gave us creative direction but just let us to be natural with each other. although the photos we got back are still images, the way sienna is able to capture movement, candid emotion & energy within the shot is beautiful. the moment becomes frozen. i can’t help but smile every time i look at the pictures sienna created. it is a memory i’m so thankful i was able to create as well as have captured.

February , 03, 2021

Caitlyn + Dylan


My fiance and I are so honoured to have enlisted Sienna's help to capture our love through her lens. Sienna made us feel nothing but comfortable with her warm and bubbly personality. She is a truly young and talented photographer who is wise beyond her years. Sienna, thank you so much for capturing these beautiful shots and letting us be our goofy selves - we cannot wait to have you take our photos again! x

ARPIL, 16, 2021

Jo + Byrant


We had an amazing experience shooting with sienna, she’s so lovely and down to earth- she made us feel super comfortable and we loved the whole experience. I’m absolutely blown away with the quality of the images, in just a 30 minute period we got more pictures then i even have of us together, well worth the early wake-up. i couldn’t recommend her more. Thank you again. 

April 23, 2021

Jai + Maya


Couldn’t recommend Sienna Kyha enough!! I am obsessed with my photos, they capture my love for my partner perfectly. Thank you again Sienna.

April 16, 2021

Mia + Jye


OMG! Just wow!. Sienna was very professional and within the 20 mins for shoot she captured so many stunning pictures. I highly recommend her and will be doing another shoot with her very soon!.

May 24, 2021

Tahlia & Bub


I booked my maternity photo shoot with Sienna and she was amazing! From the moment I met her, she was so kind and made me feel really comfortable whilst doing the shoot. The photos she captured were beautiful and I’ll cherish them forever. I will definitely be going back to her for my future shoots. Thank you Sienna.

APRIL 21, 2021

Leilani & Bub


Ugh where do I start? Sienna made us feel so comfortable, even though we'd never had professional photographs done before. She made the whole thing easy and fun. When we received the photos my heart just couldn't handle it - she captured our love so beautifully; I hadn't seen that side of us and I'm so grateful. I can't wait till she creates more magic at our wedding.

MARCH 08, 2021

Nikita + Chris


My partner and I were truely amazed and in awe of how beautiful the photos and film turned out. I wouldn’t describe us as people who are comfortable in front of the lens and wouldn’t usually book and photoshoot, however, Sienna made sure we were extremely comfortable and assisted us to feel natural and spoke to us throughout the whole shoot calming any nerves we may had. I couldn’t recommend Sienna’s photography more, she’s unbelievably talented and on top of that a more beautiful person.

FEBRUARY 15, 2021

Olivia + Andrew


Words honestly can’t describe how blessed Kaleb and I feel that you shot our wedding day! For us, getting the right videographer for the wedding was so important and you turned all of our dreams in to a reality. Our video was far better than we ever imagined but we were more blown away by your work ethic, on the day and the many days leading up to it and also how amazing of a person you were to work with. You made everything feel so special and easy for us. Your talent behind the lens is unmatched and we will be recommending you to every person who ever wants to get married! Thanks so much Sienna

May 15, 2021

Eden + Kaleb


real Love

Your unique love story is worth remembering, let's capture it together.

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